Divisional Overview: Data

DataX - In Data We Trust

DataX Technology is an Irish wholly-owned subsidiary of TXG Limited. We supply market data from global exchanges in a clean and reliable fashion to support your trading and investment needs. Key to our success is the provision of derived data including historical volatilities and sector-based analysis to identify enhanced yields and opportunities for capital growth.



Oceanic House,
Centre Block,
Dockland Innovation Park,
128 - 130 East Wall Road,
Dublin 3,
Republic of Irelan.

Operating Hours


Pure Data Exchange

We supply pure market data from most US, European and Asian exchanges for you to analyze yourself using your own tools and methods.

Derived Data

We supply value-added data such as historical volatilities and other calculated metrics for you to use when making your own trading and investment decisions.

Report & Analysis

We supply our analysis of the market to allow you to identify the best investment opportunities in all sectors, whether they are focussed on yield enhancement or capital appreciation.