Company Overview

TXG - The X Group

TXG Limited is a company incorporated in the Republic of Ireland. Its operations owns a portfolio of services, including an online recruitment brokerage platform, HireX - The Hiring Revolution, a crypto-currency mining operation, MineX Mining Limited, a digital asset company, CryptX Limited and a data services group, DataX Technology Limited. These four companies are registered in the Republic of Ireland.

MineX Mining will provide services to CryptX in order to efficiently mine the CryptX token, thus providing liquidity for token subscribers after the initial term expires. MineX will also oversee the process of on boarding the CryptX token to a number of mining pool operators in order to facilitate further market liquidity.

DataX Technology will provide the market with pricing data in order to assist subscribers with price discovery and asset valuation. Initial subscribers to CryptX will receive a complimentary subscription to DataX for the duration of the initial term.

CryptOptions provide two-way prices to the market for option contracts on Bitcoin, across a range of strike prices and expiry dates. Our pricing is expressed in Bitcoin, as is our settlement. You can deposit/withdraw Bitcoin directly with us, which you can use to trade options. Our proof of concept can be viewed

HireX - The Hiring Revolution is an online platform that enables clients and applicants to reach each other, with no involvement from a recruitment agency. It achieves this by simplifying and automating the end-to-end process to lower client costs and re-invent the talent acquisition experience.


Oceanic House,
Centre Block,
Dockland Innovation Park,
128 - 130 East Wall Road,
Dublin 3,
Republic of Ireland.

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED

The faces behind The X Group


David Rundell

CEO & Co-Founder

David has many years of experience in finance, technology and mathematics. He has run equity and FX technology for several major sell-side institutions across Europe and Asia, and possesses a deep understanding of market dynamics, operations, pricing/risk, and currency research. He is responsible for all the data analysis and matching software across all the company’s platforms. David received his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from University of Birmingham in the UK.


Ryan Brown

CTO & Innovations Officer

Ryan is a technology evangelist who loves to innovate whilst designing business solutions. His early experience in the cutting-edge world of interactive computer gaming led him to apply his skills to the new and rapidly-evolving field of crypto-currency mining. Ryan is responsible for all the user-experience software across all the company’s platforms, and supports the technology behind the mining platform.


Marie Brown

COO & Co-Founder

Marie is a entrepreneur and founder of an award-winning specialised search firm, supplying top IT personnel and recruitment professionals within Asia-Pacific markets. It was during this time that the brainchild HireX was born. Marie headed the operational reconstruction and assisted with the development of the online recruitment platform. Marie studied Business Studies at University of Essex. In her spare time she loves to travel and read.


Aris Nicolson LLB Barrister

Non-executive Director

Having spent 20 years in practice at the Bar, Aris then consulted to Middle Eastern companies as an intermediary, and as an adviser to private family offices. A Spell with Macquarie and RBS Banks, and then as legal director to a Tax firm specialising in Property tax, he set up Denning Legal as a multi-disciplinary practice. Aris is also a member of the Stamp Tax Practitioners Group and CIOT.


Graham Miller

Non-executive Director

Having spent several years with HMRC as a tax adviser on VAT, Graham consulted to the ‘Big Four’ and other City accountancy firms and has a vast knowledge and experience in this area, having advised ‘FTSE 100′ firms on their VAT claims saving large eight figure sums on incorrect and unnecessary tax payments, as well as recognising system failures in unreclaimed VAT, and accepted as such by HMRC.